Perfect abs

Perfect abs you cannot only get with exercise it is also necessary proper nutrition, you will work out ad in wane if you do not eat properly, and your abs will remain covered with a layer of fat.  Fitness franchise are spread all over the globe now, there is no excuse for not exercising. Here are some tips that will help you to get your perfect waist.

1 Write down what you eat, make a list or even better make a diary of your nutrition. It is the safest method that helps to replace old habits with new and healthier ones.

2 Plan in advance. Rather than grab the first thing that was under your hand, you will have the plan and you will know which food you should eat.

3 Consult the experts. Seek advice from a nutritionist. It will help you to make a diet plan that will become part of your daily life and not just a diet that you will consume from time to time.

4 Carry food with you .The people who successfully adhere to a special diet plans always have with them, prepared food, a bottle of water, fruit, dried nuts and fruit, yogurt.

prechistvatelni-saorajeniq-za-voda5 Eat plenty of water in this way you better control the appetite not to mention the benefit to health by removing toxic substances from your body while you burn fat.

6 Do you think you are hungry when in fact you’re thirsty, right? Then, first have a drink; if you are still starving, you can eat something.

7 Avoid corn syrup rich with fructose! Avoiding this will eliminate one constituent of mostly all unhealthy food and drinks from the diet.

8 Limit your intake of sugar. The total amount of sugar should be equal to about 4-6 tablespoons a day.

9 Always combine carbohydrates with proteins or fats. That slows down the absorption and maintains healthy levels of blood sugar and insulin.

10 Every week, eat 5 meals that include fish. In addition to being an excellent source of protein, fish is low in calories and a lot of omega-3 fatty acids that promote fat burning and especially around waist.

11 Eat cereals! When you replace all refined flour and cereal grains level of insulin is brought into balance and provide to the body excellent nutrients and fiber to control fat absorption.

12 Make sure that you have three meals with cereals a day .So leave enough space for fruits and vegetables and limit the intake of carbohydrates.

13 Drink non-fat milk and yogurt and eat low-fat cheese; to enter a healthy amount of calcium. It is proved that consuming calcium from dairy products helps in weight loss and maintenance of weight.

leanmeatsfatburningfood14 Choose lean meat. In this way you will reduce fat and calories at the same time you make your heart a good service.

15 Add flaxseed oil in the diet as it helps in burning fat the perfect abs is impossible if you have to have at least a little fat.

16 Instead snacks get out for a walk.

17 Instead a glass of juice, eat fruit. Low calories and eat healthy fiber.